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Open Meetings With Vidyo

Recently for the Mozilla Gfx and Accessibility meetings we’ve been using Vidyo.  In both cases we filed MoCo IT bugs to get dedicated “rooms”.   This yielded a two benefits: A public url to give out for accessing the room from … Continue reading

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Mozilla: Two Months

Hard to believe two months have gone by at Mozilla since I joined.  Mozilla is undergoing a lot of change right now because we’re pushing out Firefox 4,hiring like crazy and transitioning to a rapid release cycle so keeping up … Continue reading

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Security Usability

Bryan, another good paper Other related presentations and publications

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Football Death

Bastien is indeed a big football fan. During GUADEC last year in a local Spanish bar we sat and watch France-Spain in the world cup. Standing up and screaming for France’s goal gave me some concern for my personal safety…

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Chinese Mountain Hawk

Robert posted a great picture of the Chinese Mountain Hawk. While at the wall on Sunday we watched it float on thermals for about 3 minutes straight.

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Stefan , hopefully this offers some solace: 1. The display driver was manually installed more than likely so thats why it has to be manually updated. This is also we added the 3rd party driver updates process for SLED and … Continue reading

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Gnome Pilot and Pilot Link 0.12

Yesterday I committed to gnome-pilot and gnome-pilot-conduits cvs patches to build and run against pilot-link 0.12 (0.11 is also still supported). Thanks to Dave Malcolm and Veerapuram Varadhan on who’s work this is based. Please let me know if you … Continue reading

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