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Open Meetings With Vidyo

Recently for the Mozilla Gfx and Accessibility meetings we’ve been using Vidyo.  In both cases we filed MoCo IT bugs to get dedicated “rooms”.   This yielded a two benefits: A public url to give out for accessing the room from … Continue reading

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WebGL & Security

Recently Context Information Security Limited gathered a lot of attention for a blog post on the state of WebGL security.  For Mozilla, WebGL was first released in Firefox 4, and there are implementations in Chrome, Safari and Opera as well.  … Continue reading

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Mozilla: Two Months

Hard to believe two months have gone by at Mozilla since I joined.  Mozilla is undergoing a lot of change right now because we’re pushing out Firefox 4,hiring like crazy and transitioning to a rapid release cycle so keeping up … Continue reading

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Last Day at Novell

Today is my last day at Novell which I arrived at by way of Helixcode and then Ximian in 2003.   Both these companies enabled me to work in and around open source first as a hacker and then later as … Continue reading

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Sleeping on a Couch: Transferring Culture

In the first half of 2009 the Preload department at Novell was building a team in Taiwan.  There were two main reasons for this – our customers (the OEMs and ODMs) were located there and we wanted to be near … Continue reading

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Litterbox: A UX Parable

Several years ago in a our previous house my wife and I noticed a marked decrease in the amount of laundry being done.  We weren’t any busier nor had anything changed radically in our lives since the drop off. Our … Continue reading

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Git – Micro Commits and Workflow

Recently I moved my blog and some old posts about git got re-posted to Planet GNOME.   One in particular was where I was not sold on the micro commit model of git at the time (more than 3 years ago!). … Continue reading

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