Open Meetings With Vidyo

Recently for the Mozilla Gfx and Accessibility meetings we’ve been using Vidyo.  In both cases we filed MoCo IT bugs to get dedicated “rooms”.   This yielded a two benefits:

  • A public url to give out for accessing the room from a device (ie laptop)
  • A dedicated phone conference extension  accessed through the traditional Mozilla Asterisk system by x92

If a meeting is held in a Mozilla Co. room with a Polycom system (Warp Core, Bridge), you don’t need to do anything special, because Vidyo integrates into the Polycom systems too. Just  make sure you call the “<ROOM> Vidyo” item in the directory.  If you need to have a private meeting, the rooms can have PINs as well.

There are a couple of drawbacks with Vidyo:

  • No Linux support
  • Not accessible

However, because of the Asterisk integration, the experience is not degraded for users in desiring those features – they just dial in as before.

Finally inter-continental eye candy via JOEDREW! from last week’s Gfx meeting.   Note the browser with the screen shared agenda in the lower right.

Anyone interested in Gfx and Accessibility meetings is encouraged to join.  Announcements are sent to dev.platform and dev.planning for Gfx and Accessibility respectively.

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2 Responses to Open Meetings With Vidyo

  1. mrz says:

    Linux support comes with the 2.1 release which is supposed to be out within a week.

  2. AG says:

    Have you considered Bluebutton or OpenMeetings?? Both are software libre and work well with asterisk or freeswitch.

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