There was a lot of blogging about AMD/ATI releasing specs and such over the last week, the was an official press release last Friday. I’m really pleased that Novell could play such a big role in bringing this about. Extra kudos to our X guys Egbert, Stefan, Mathias (and others I’m probably missing) for banging out the driver double quick.

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2 Responses to FreeATIdom

  1. Mark says:

    I had the impression that the primary xf86-video-ati maintainers, Dave Airlie (of Red Hat) and Alex Deucher, represented the open-source community during the actual opening of the specs, while Novell was only _hired_ to develop an initial 2D driver.

    Was Novell involved in getting the specs opened?

  2. jpr says:

    Egbert’s blog has some more details

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