OpenSuSE and GNOME

The team at Novell responsible for GNOME have been quiet in openSUSE for sometime, even though we already have several great external contributors like James Ogley and Andreas Hanke and we’ve pushed in significant general technologies like Compiz/Xgl, NetworkManager and Beagle. All this is changing though, we’ve had an IRC channel for a while but we haven’t really advertised it (#opensuse-gnome on and we have an opensuse-gnome mailing list as well now (sign up here).

Michael Wolf has been pushing in GNOME 2.17 in to Factory and the GNOME:UNSTABLE build service. There is also GNOME Team page if you are so inclined to get involved.

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4 Responses to OpenSuSE and GNOME

  1. Dan Nicholson says:

    This isn’t really related, but there’s still one major barrier to getting involved in OpenSuse in my mind. There’s no easy way for me to see the history for packages, at least that I know of.

    I can download the SRPM and look at the ChangeLog section of the .spec, but I don’t get to see the actual changes. Or, I can grovel through the opensuse-commit list and try to find out what the changes were for a particular package.

    For Fedora, this is incredibly easy.

    It would make it a lot easier for people to see the history and be able to contribute if there was an online repository viewer. Does such a thing exist?

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  3. micro says:

    Please, don’t make SuSE or openSUSE GNOME based, I’d hate to see that, don’t go the Red Hat/Fedora way. SuSE from the beginning was a KDE friendly distro and now you schmucks from Ximian are trying to break this with useless, slow and buggy apps like Beagle, Banshee, etc – all of which are resource hogs and are a total piece of crap and more importantly are Mono based, gosh what a C.R.A.P. (I do not want M$ DLLs on my system, period!). There is absolutely no reason at all why Beagle should be developed in Mono. Coding it in the native Linux environment (C, C++, whatever) is much better *and* faster

    If you still want to push GNOME into SuSE, then do not kill KDE, especially KDE4, and make GNOME *and* KDE live together in SuSE. Do not push the one over the others just because some guys there at Novell like GNOME more than they like KDE. SuSE users (even newcomers) have brains enough to decide which desktop environment they want to use. It is not up to developers or marketing people to make the decisions for them!

    -Rant over 🙂

  4. annoyed. says:


    You obviously do not follow suse to much. They have stated they will support both gnome and KDE. So calling them schmucks and going on some tangent about it does nothing except to show that you came here to pick a fight.
    Get a life and code beagle, banshee or whatever in whatever language you want. It is open source… Or are you just some zealot that has no idea what they are talking about because you are blinded by your own idiocy?

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