Firefox and SSL

Signing on to wireless at the Salt Lake City Airport this morning:

Alert Screenshot

Found a way to work around it by turning on various ssl2 commands in about:config, probably not the safest thing to do and I’ll turn it off again but I really need to get on the network. Boo Sprint for using this (interestingly the credit card submission piece didn’t have this problem).

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3 Responses to Firefox and SSL

  1. Nice of you to instantly blame SLC. How do you know that it’s not some obscure, silly bug in Firefox?

  2. @Anonymous Coward
    He knows because Firefox isn’t doing anything wrong: its informing the user that the site they’re trying to access uses SSL 2.0 which is notoriously insecure.

    This is the fault of whatever halfwit sysadmin setup the site he was trying to connect to.

  3. Jeff Walden says:

    IE7 also disabled SSL2, for what it’s worth, so anyone using IE7 would get an error message too.

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