Stefan , hopefully this offers some solace:

1. The display driver was manually installed more than likely so thats why it has to be manually updated. This is also we added the 3rd party driver updates process for SLED and SLES 10 so it automatically upgrades your driver.

2. Not sure about mozilla.

3. Likely a bug with the new autostart foo Rodrigo did, if you can replicate we’d like to know.

4. libtheora looks ok here, maybe you pulled something broken from factory?

5. xgl-config was not shipped in 10.1, did you update from factory? At any rate, xgl-config has been heavily tested and it works with and without xgl running (it sets up xgl for you, so it would crippled if it didn’t work under Please file a bug if you can replicate.

As for GNOME, it was simply bad timing with SLES/SLED, but something that the new OpenSuSE build system will alleviate in future. We are currently preparing to put 2.15.x in.

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