CNN Strikes Again

I am so on board with Joe’s anti CNN stance. I just saw a horrible segment essentially ridiculing Canada because of the stance on softwood lumber. The segment said “the WTO agrees with Canada”, sadly the NAFTA dispute resolution has not agreed FIVE times now, as recently as three weeks ago. The report said “over lumber, yes lumber” noting its only 4% of trade – I guess NAFTA should only apply to larger industries.

They also took pains to elaborate on Canada being dependent on US trade as if we should be grateful as a country that they even allow us to trade with them – we are the largest importer of American exports though with 2 million American jobs dependent on that. I will say only 25% of Canadian GDP was exports until NAFTA, now its over 45%, something Canadian politicians need to be accountable for, because we are now too dependent on exporting to the US, but to suggest we should be grateful… It ruffled a few feathers that politicians here mentioned cutting off the oil supply from Canada (which is probably grandstanding only). Then of course the segment tied it to the obligatory border security and war in Iraq as other sources of “conflict”.

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