Canadian Football?

I was somewhat perplexed by the fact I saw multiple CFL (Canadian Football League) games on television during my stay in Boston. Who knew. For those that care, yes there is canadian football and it differs from american football in the following ways: 12 men on the field, field is 10 yards longer and a bit wider (5 yards i think), endzones are 20 yards long, field goal posts are an the front of the end zone, no fair catch, single point for a touch back, no limit to the number of men in motion.

WRT Evolution and mozilla as the editor, we generally liked the idea, because who wants to maintain a html parser displayer if they don’t have to, but there were always worries about how to keep all the editing and layout functionality.

Calum: it is unfortunate Sun doesn’t get enough a11y credit – all evolution a11y work was done by Sun.

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