Jeff: I think its pretty disingenous of you to make policy comments about how Novell and RedHat operate their development. Not withstanding your own excellent contributions to GNOME, you work for a company that has a stated policy of not doing (new) upstream development because its not cost effective. The interesting tools demoed at GUADEC like malone are not open source – maybe we should write a competitor and for Ubuntu to release malone. This would be fine if you were just a community project, but Ubuntu is scheduled to release an enterprise version of your product next year. You are essentially saying “give GNOME (and hence Ubuntu) all development work as its written” – I don’t think thats easily justifiable on your part. I’m pretty sure you wrote this with your GNOME hat on, but hey we get tarred by the corporate brush at Novell all the time, as evidenced by your blog.

Meanwhile at Novell we are currently contributing (out in the open and right this moment) to GNOME and GNOME related projects (I originally had a long list here, but suffice to say its extensive). We’re not just doing development either – the localization team has worked on pushing translations upstream as well. Novell has opened up the distro with live betas and opensuse. We’re shipping GNOME 2.12 in SuSE 10.0 and we’ve made 2.11 releases available for 9.3. Of course we’re not perfect.

Implementations tend to win in GNOME all the time anyhow, we dismiss “plans only” on DDL all the time, unless they are small, simple and proposed by a known contributor (and even a lot of that is hashed out just between a couple of people). Anything kicked out front of the curtain can sink or swim on its own.. The only real danger is if there are wild, unreviewed ABI/API changes being made at the platform layer, which I think everyone is too responsible to do.

John: I’m a little surprised about this gtk tool tip based thing, because we looked at doing something similar before only to see a generalized rejection of complex tooltips in 156581.

Davyd: I hardly think showing off ifolder3 which is open-source, cross platform, started a long time ago and a single instance is justification. Nothing really used libnotify until a month ago (outside maybe galago).

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