Arrived in Boston last night to hang with the lads for a few days.

Fiddled with hal to get it to build properly with the new glibc 2.6.12 kernel headers internally. Between David, Alvaro and myself, came up with a solution.

Not sure what to do with gnome-pilot. I have the a significant re-write done except for port of some of the conduits. I wonder if the Avantgo and direct mbox conduits are really needed. The expense one also looks like some crack. Maybe time to sync with modern apps like tomboy for memos. On the otherhand maybe multisync is really the way to go.

Finished Kitchen Confidential last week. The author’s writing style is a little disjointed and the last chapter seems like “I need another 25 pages” but overall he does a good job of capturing the freneticism of the chef life.

Watched both Batman Begins (B-, not as good as the Tim Burton orginal Batman but way better then the 4th installment, the Joel Schumacher disaster) and War of the Worlds.

My copy of Fog of War arrived. I *highly* recommend this movie. The mantra of empathy (not sympathy) with your enemy and proportional response is particularly relevant.

It looks like the little one might be about to get a tooth.

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