Time Warp

Crazy. Child born – boom 4 months later and I haven’t blogged.

Finally got the Evolution 2.2.0 and 2.2.1 release notes out. 2.2.2 for GNOME 2.10.1. Hopefully get head versioned up and rolling again for GNOME 2.12 this week.

Finally got around to some gnome-pilot patch application, need to send out a “state of the pilot” email to the gnome-pilot list. Checked in some fixes to the bonobo-daemon branch to clean up the configuration.

Checked out and built gnome-chess for the first time in probably a year. Need to resurrect this either as the same C or a C#/Mono project, but first I have to think about the UI, I changed it long ago but it feels overly complicated for the usual use cases. Richard Hoelscher contacted me a while back about SVG icons which would be greatly welcomed.

As for Emily (the aforementioned daughter), she has recently started rolling over. Nice dinners with parents on both sides over Easter. Finally started installing the countertop in the kitchen. Getting better with the caulking gun.

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