Pretty successul hackfest today, almost 150 people in the channel at one point. There were areas to improve on, hopefully we’ll tidy those up for another EPlugin hackfest in a couple of months. We are trying to grab some internal resources to improve both the developer docs and the website (go garret).

I need to get to some bit rotting patches on the list as well before they are entirely passe.

Had a brutal time at Ikea this weekend trying to obtain cabinets for the kitchen, spent 2.5 hours to have our original order only partially filled.

The rugby team won again last week, I’m playing for the 1st XV again in the cup semi-finals this week. In last weeks game I actually chipped a tooth, got it repaired earlier this week.

Saw Team America World Police last friday, which I guess is old hat now, but it was pretty entertaining.

Only one more week of pre-natal classes and less that 3 weeks to the due date!

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