Hack Attack

Banged on some 2.0.x bugs and undertook some 2.2 work – wrote an EPlugin to add UI back for threading by subject title (instead of by headers). The code is in there, its just been hidden in gconf. Looked at Ross’s contact applet code a bit more, we must fix the completion widget reusability issue in 2.2. Will McCann wrote a timezone editor capplet that I’ve grabbed but haven’t played with much. We need to think about date/time/location on the desktop a bit, I brought it up briefly at GUADEC but never did write a proposal for glib…

Rugby practice, no game this week – its Thanksgiving in Canada.

Hopefully this weekend I can complete the refinishing of the floor and move on to cabinets!

Maybe I’m not Nat but a hackergotchi would be nice :-).

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