Makes three…

This past weekend played our first McCormack Cup game, which we won. Tight in the first half but they were well worn down by the second half. I even picked up a try. I also sanded the floor in the kitchen (very old pine) with a big rental machine, it did an ok job but there are a lot of low spots that will need the belt sander.

Spent some time reducing the gal usage in Evolution, specifically converting to G_DEFINE_TYPE from E_MAKE_TYPE. Fooled around with config related eplugins, haven’t got the hang of them yet.

Spent some time working on the Evolution 2.2 roadmap, should be ready this week, and public team meetings should restart next week as well.

Another prenatal class tonight, time is getting tight. Need to finish the kitchen as well as stain the change stand and dresser, put the stroller together, etc.

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