Me, Myself and I

Hacked on 2.0.1 most of the day today. Talked to NotZed about EDS versioning, I think i’m going to bump the .pc files, the library names, etc to have a -1.2 suffix. We just can’t commit yet to a binary compatible API until we know what issues the 3rd party developers are going to have.

For gnome-about-me I believe there are two separate issues, one is a system configuration/authentication issue (ie changing the password), login shell, etc and the other (that e-d-s is more suited for) is the concept of the user’s identity for use in a variety of apps like gnome-meeting or planner and for things like presence (although as Toshok points out these could co-exist at least in some cases). I’m beginning to think that e-d-s might want to have an capplet for setting default addressbook (think right click on a mailto: url in web browser and have it automatically added to your address book), default calendar (for use by things like evolution-webcal), default task list (think quick applet to add tasks), setting the “self” contact.

Not much of a real life today, worked just about all day except for two meals and picking up the vehicle from servicing.

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