Spent time hashing out with Notzed a branching policy for Evolution.

Rodney got snapshots building again, note the binary name is now evolution-2.0 instead of evolution-1.5.

Spent sometime looking at the remaing 2.0.0 bugs and discovered one in the list we’d actually fixed 10 months ago but it was re-reported against 1.4.5. There are 8 bugs now that aren’t build or doc fixes. We are learning the GNOME release team process for this as we go and hopefully we streamlined that today as we submitted two or three bugs there.

Spent a lot of time in meetings, and this isn’t even my Wednesday “meeting” day – some of these invites came in via GroupWise and the right thing happened, I accepted and they popped up in my calendar.

Decided not to fly out to Provo for a conference on Thursday/Friday as I just don’t have the time right now.

Spent a small amount of time sanding the kitchen walls, its tedious to do it with a flashlight shining it on the wall to find shadows but it works well.

Picked up a fiction book for the first time in months.

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