Release Release

Finally released gnome-pilot and gnome-pilot-conduits 2.0.11. I ended up ignore the database doesn’t exist problem for now because the architecture of gnome-pilot sucks for this (it iterates over all existing db’s looking for things conduits want to sync to). I need to finish porting the conduits to the bonobo-daemon-branch and release it as a 2.2 series. This needs to have HAL/DBUS support as well.

Started the Evolution release process, libsoup 2.2.0 is out and we have tarballs now for gal and gtkhtml. Evolution and EDS tomorrow.

Talked to Dan about exchange connector and working on the CalDAV spec and to Toshok about some final address book work. Talked to Parag in Bangalore about upcoming Evolution 2.2 requirements. One more chat with

Took a peak at the number of unassigned and future milestone bugs – astounding 2200+. Talked Gerardo about this, the future and unassigned milestones are indistinguishable, the should probably be collapsed into a single milestone and we’ll have a concerted effort for hackers to review all these old bugs for relevance.

Fantasy NFL Draft Day is tomorrow! Rugby practice tonight, so humid. Selected for the first XV this weekend!

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