Meetings, Meetings

Today I set a personal “best” with 5 meetings over a 15 hour period:

  • Evolution Roadmap Meeting with Bangalore Office
  • GroupWise in Evolution Defect Meeting
  • Evolution Team Meeting
  • F-Spot Meeting with Larry
  • EPlugin Meeting with Notzed

We’ll be branching Evolution for 2.0 Thursday or Friday.

Went through bugzilla to take a hard look at the bugs currently scheduled for 2.0 and starting shifting them around the milestones including to 2.0.1.

Handed off the documentation testing integration to Rodney, seems to working.

Did some more testing of 2.0.11, put in my patch to Evo to some calendar/task conduit problems.

Went to the doctor’s with Tara to check on the impending offspring.

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