Pilot Love

Mail crunching of course.

I’ve been reading through http://www.sims.berkeley.edu/~ping/sid/uidss.pdf which Dan pointed me at and seemed quite useful.

Finally sent off notes to Zucchi about our last EPlugin meeting and arranged for Anna’s team to spend some time vetting the very cool looking configuration work.

Tried to test to latest docbook output from the Novell documentation team for Evolution, I think its ok but scrollkeeper has never been my strong suit.

Spent more time on gnome-pilot 2.0.11 testing it. Almost ready to go except for a bug about the conduit failing if the DB does not exist, Jeff fixed this but not in all cases it turns out. Found a nasty evo calendar conduit bug as well.

Booked a trip to Provo next week for some meetings and tried to figure out how to ship this Sun Enterprise Server I have back to Boston.

Tomorrow is a day of meetings.

Rugby practice, sloppy lineout work that will hopefully improve.

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